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You know how there are certain words that make you cringe?  Or words that give you the willies or are just plain gross?  Well, I have to say that my least favorite word in the entire world is … wait for it … DOOKIE!  I have always hated this word, and I have a negative physical reaction every time I hear someone else say it.  When you think about it, there are countless alternatives for the “d word”.  So, why would anyone ever choose to use such a vile word when they could just as easily say, “poop”?

Now that you know this wee little bit of trivia, I would love for you to share your least favorite word(s) with me.  Thanks!


In case you don’t already know, Stephen Colbert is freaking hilarious!  So, you are totally missing out if you don’t watch “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.  The episode from last night was a riot … hope you enjoy!


I’ve found myself tuning in to old episodes of “That 70s Show” recently.  And to be quite honest, I had forgotten just how funny the show is!  The characters are all hoots, and it’s worth watching to see the authentic wardrobe and props on set.  So, thank you, nick@nite, for putting this classic in your summer evening line-up!

While on vacation, I was amazed by the get-ups some people actually wear out in public.  In fact, I posted something similar on Facebook when I encountered one too many folks hanging out in various ways from their clothing.  I’m no fashionista, and the Victoria’s Secret catalog people are not hounding me to do a photo shoot.  But, I do at least look in a mirror before I wear anything outside of my home that other people can and will see.

Is there anything better than vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top?  I mean … seriously?  I am in full-blown organizing and packing mode in preparation for the big Disney trip.  That, compounded by the fact that it is hotter than Hades here, led me to seek out the most refreshing and delicious snack available.  As I was enjoying my treat, I thought to myself, “This is so good it would make you smack your momma!”

Once you think about it, most of us have lots of things that annoy us.  And, if I were to compile a list — which I absolutely love to do, by the way — my list would be relatively long.  Recently, I have been particularly bothered by others’ inability to use certain words correctly when they write.  For example:

1) to, too, & two

2) your & you’re

3) their, there, & they’re

Come on … Is it really that hard to keep these straight?  After all, my daughter successfully uses each of these after completing 3rd grade language arts!


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