Matt Damon

Posted on: August 2, 2011

Matt Damon is my new hero!  Check this out …

Matt Damon stands up for teachers, slams reporter, all while bald Just in case repeat viewings of The Bourne Identity on TNT didn’t remind you at least once a week: Matt Damon is one serious bad-ass who is not to be messed with. Because if you do (particularly if you happen to be a reporter armed with a politically provoking question), he will bring the pain. Case in point: Over the weekend, Damon — who has recently gone bald for his role in the upcoming Neill Blomkamp film Elysium — attended the 2011 Save Ou … Read More

via PopWatch

You can also find the speech Matt Damon made at the “Save Our Schools” march in Washington here.

4 Responses to "Matt Damon"

I just saw this today – he’s my new hero too!

Thank you, Joy! 🙂

You tell ’em Matt!!!!!

Deneen: I only wish more people felt like he did & were as vocal!

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