RIP, Jerry Garcia

Posted on: August 9, 2011

I will never forget August 9, 1995.  I was driving through Atlanta, Georgia with my mother.  We were on our way to Auburn, Alabama where I was about to begin my adventures as a graduate student.  A radio announcer broke in to say that Jerry Garcia had passed away.  I can not describe the reaction I had because it’s difficult to articulate how much Jerry and the Grateful Dead mean to me.    

You see, even though I was in my early twenties then, I had been lucky enough to see the Dead perform live a total of six times.  I was introduced to the band by a very special person.  He took me to my first show on March 1, 1992 at The Omni in Atlanta.  I saw five shows in Atlanta in 1992 and 1994, and one show at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1993.  All of these shows were while I was an undergraduate student at Clemson University.  So, you see, Jerry represents the carefree happiness of my youth.  Seeing those shows and listening to their music with different friends over the years are some of my most treasured memories of all time.  Jerry was a brilliant musician, and he was a beautiful singer.  Luckily, the Dead always allowed fans to record their shows, so “The Music Never Stopped”.  

As a tribute, I hope you enjoy these lyrics from one of my favorite Grateful Dead tunes, “Brokedown Palace”.


2 Responses to "RIP, Jerry Garcia"

Very nice living tribute to a “dead” musician.

Thanks! Nice play on words, by the way.

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