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This little update from Entertainment Weekly made my week!  In Living Color was an awesome show, and Homey D. Clown is one of my most favorite characters of all time.  Hope you enjoy!

This week’s thankfulness …

10. Hugs from my 2-year-old cousin

9. Playing “Mother May I”

8. Saturday relaxation

7. Cee Lo Green appearing on Parenthood

6. Students with manners

5. Solitaire app on my iPhone

4. Stinkerbell’s pediatrician

3. Stinkerbell’s teachers

2. Clemson is still undefeated!

1. Pearl Jam Twenty documentary

I realize that I am not the only person I know — or in the world for that matter — that is busy.  But, my busyness has grown by ridiculous proportions!  When I express these concerns to friends or coworkers, I get the usual responses …

“Don’t worry … it will all get done.”

“Just leave it … it will be there tomorrow.”

But you see, here’s the thing.  I do, in fact, worry.  I worry A LOT.  And, I simply do not know how to just leave things that clearly need to be checked off of my “To Do” list.  So, since this is my first Saturday in many moons that I do not have anywhere that I have to be, I am attempting to complete my list early.  This should leave some time just for me … to watch football and simply be.

Since I continue to be ridiculously busy, it is important to remember the things that I am thankful for.

10. Making biology lab kits with colleagues

9. Pumpkin Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts

8. A big come-back win for Clemson over Maryland

7. Stinkerbell being invited to play at a friend’s house

6. Getting some early Christmas shopping done

5. Watching Stinkerbell & friends dance at a disco birthday party

4. My Sunday School class

3. Fog rising over the mountains in the mornings

2. Leaves starting to change colors

1. Remembering a dear, sweet soul at his memorial service

I have been a huge Keith Urban fan for quite some time.  And, if you ever have the chance to see him live, you definitely should.  Not only is he an amazing songwriter, but he is a great singer and a brilliant musician.  He and his band are unbelievably good live — one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.  Even better, Keith apparently has a playful side and doesn’t take himself or his celebrity too seriously.  Check out Keith and Ellen DeGeneres in this spoof for his new cologne.

This week’s thankfulness centers around my recent high school reunion.  It was a great weekend, and I am especially grateful for:

10. Tailgating before the football game Friday evening

9. Showing off the new high school and stadium

8. Warm greetings and hugs from so many “old” friends

7. Recognizing the kids I once knew inside their adult bodies 20 years later

6. Funny memories that resurfaced

5. Getting to know friends’ spouses

4. Hearing friends tell stories about their children

3. Having so many people ask about my Stinkerbell and comment on how much she looks like me

2. Easiness of conversations

1. Laughing with friends as if no time has passed

So, my high school reunion is this evening.  It has officially been … wait for it … twenty years since we graduated!  We are expecting about ninety people, and I am genuinely looking forward to seeing everyone.  And while the phenomenon of Facebook has allowed folks to reconnect and show off pictures of our children, etc., it should be a lot of fun to actually talk to one another and catch up.  In many ways, it doesn’t seem like twenty whole years have passed by.  But, I am happy to be where I am in my life.  I have a beautiful daughter, a loving family, and a job that I enjoy and feel called to do.

This week, I am most thankful for …

10. Seeing Dolphin Tale with my Stinkerbell

9. Coffee

8. My family

7. My church family

6. The month of October

5. The most precious 3-year-old twins

4. Looking forward to my high school reunion

3. Clemson’s victory over #11 Virgina Tech

2. Auburn’s victory over #10 South Carolina

1. Seinfeld re-runs

I had already decided to write about this week’s episode of Big Bang Theory due to Mayim Bialik’s hilarious performance as Amy Farrah Fowler.  But, the good folks at Entertainment Weekly came up with an outstanding list that just has to be shared.  Hope you enjoy!


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