The Big Reunion

Posted on: October 8, 2011

So, my high school reunion is this evening.  It has officially been … wait for it … twenty years since we graduated!  We are expecting about ninety people, and I am genuinely looking forward to seeing everyone.  And while the phenomenon of Facebook has allowed folks to reconnect and show off pictures of our children, etc., it should be a lot of fun to actually talk to one another and catch up.  In many ways, it doesn’t seem like twenty whole years have passed by.  But, I am happy to be where I am in my life.  I have a beautiful daughter, a loving family, and a job that I enjoy and feel called to do.

2 Responses to "The Big Reunion"

Have a great time!

Thanks … I had a blast & really enjoyed laughing with folks I haven’t seen in a very long time! 🙂

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