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This week’s gratitude:

10. Ash Wednesday service at church

9. Youth Sunday service at church

8. My helpful teaching assistant

7. College basketball

6. People who take the time to check out my blog

5. Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory

4. Spending time with my cousins at a family dinner

3. New episodes of Swamp People

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs

1. Hugs from my special someone

I came across this interesting article yesterday, and I can’t seem to get it off of my mind.  Perhaps it is because as a parent myself, I am constantly evaluating how I think I am doing in said role.  Or, maybe it is because I currently teach 135 high schoolers and see the results of others’ parenting up close and personal every day.  So, if you have a moment, please read it and let me know what you think.


Thankfulness for this week …

10. Beautiful flowers from my special someone on Valentine’s Day

9. Stinkerbell learning a new solo for dance

8. Mexican food

7. Getting my taxes done

6. Knowing I’m getting a refund to help with home improvements

5. Memorial service for a special great-aunt

4. Dinner with my parents

3. Shelby on Ax Men

2. Taking the day off from work

1. My special someone playing his guitar & singing for me

This is from one of my favorite “feel good” blogs. I hope you all enjoy!

1000 Awesome Things

What was your worst job ever?

Yes, we were chatting about bad jobs the other night and I said unclogging grease traps with my bare hands was at the top of my list. Pulling out that rusty Black Box of Death from under the triple-sink released a foul Rotting Meat Scraps From Six Months Ago stench that was seared forever in my brain.

Scott said his gig was worse: scraping out urinals at the bar he worked at in high school. Being the low man on the grill meant whenever someone created a horrible mess he was thrown a handful of paper towels and told to get to it.

We all thought Scott might have won the title but our friend Tyler said collecting shopping carts in the grocery store lot was worse. “Think about it,” he started. “There’s that constant search for lost carts, snapping them all into mate-mode…

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Things I am thankful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell’s school getting to dance at half-time during a Lady Tigers basketball game

9. The new season of The Voice

8. Pretty new dance costumes for Stinkerbell

7. My biology students being excited to learn genetics

6. Chocolate Creme Oreos

5. Attending “Muffins for Moms” at Stinkerbell’s school

4. Seeing my favorite twins at church

3. Friends at work who make me laugh every day

2. Taking care of my special someone while he was sick

1. Making Valentine treats for friends and family

So, this is the first Saturday — or any day of the week for that matter — in forever that I do not have anywhere that I have to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a ginormous list of things to do.  But, knowing that I am not scheduled to be anywhere makes my list much more manageable.  Happy Saturday to you all!


This week, I am grateful for …

10. Songs by Adele

9. The Giants’ Super Bowl victory

8. Super Bowl commercials

7. Bo-Berry biscuits

6. Pep rally at school

5. An evening at home in my jammies

4. Laughing with my Stinkerbell

3. Checking items off my to-do list

2. New episodes of Ax Men

1. Another great weekend with my special someone

I have been listening to older music lately.  It should be noted that I am using the term “older” very loosely because I am referring to CDs from the 1990s, and I am most certainly not old!  Nevertheless, hearing artists from the 90s  brings back tons of wonderful memories from my days as an undergraduate student at Clemson as well as a graduate student at Auburn.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite bands from that decade:

Pearl Jam


Gin Blossoms

Counting Crows

Goo Goo Dolls

Jane’s Addiction

The Cranberries

Smashing Pumpkins

 So, I am curious which bands my readers dig from the 1990s?


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