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I have recommended Suri’s Burn Book before because it is one of the funniest blogs out there.  Those of you who enjoy a little celebrity watching should check out the latest entry which gives Suri’s reaction to her parents’ divorce news.

This week’s thankfulness:

10. Stinkerbell’s arm continuing to get better

9. Starting a new workout program with a friend

8. Vacation Bible School at our church

7. Stinkerbell getting to attend a second Vacation Bible School with a friend

6. Two productive days cleaning out closets & our extra room

5. Discovering a crazy new show called Lizard Lick Towing

4. Ice cold beer

3. Saturday sunset on the lake with friends

2. Cooking out & laughing with friends Friday night

1. Being serenaded by my special someone

I have become a big fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder this season.  They have some incredibly talented players, and they play with a lot of heart.  Consequently, I pulled really hard for OKC to win the NBA championship.  And even though they didn’t win, I was touched by this speech given by coach Scott Brooks after the final game on Thursday night.  What a class act.

What I am grateful for this week:

10. Summer break for both Stinkerbell & me

9. Stinkerbell winning lots of awards at school

8. Catching up with co-workers

7. Awesome dancers on So You Think You Can Dance

6. Season premiere of Burn Notice

5. NBA finals

4. Surprise 80th birthday party for my great-aunt

3. Celebrating Father’s Day with my wonderful step-father

2. Seeing the Broadway version of Disney’s The Lion King with my mom & Stinkerbell

1. Another month with my special someone

Today marks the first official day of my summer break from school.  I am extremely excited because I have eight weeks to enjoy not being scheduled to death.  I have no major plans other than to relax and rejuvenate for when the new year begins in August.

Things I am thankful for this week …

10. Good check-up for Stinkerbell with the orthopedist

9. NBA playoff games

8. Call of the Wildman marathon

7. Ice cream sundaes

6. Awesome new pair of shoes

5. Going on a field trip with Stinkerbell’s class

4. Supportive co-workers

3. Making it to the final week of the school year

2. Graduation for the Class of 2012

1. Fun night with my special someone

I love to share funny posts when I find them, and I like to spread the word when I discover a really cool blog.  Photobotos.com is one of my new favorites.  They post an awesome photograph each and every day, and you should check it out.

This week, I am grateful for … 

10. Stinkerbell continuing to feel better after dislocating her elbow

9. College baseball

8. Fresh loaf bread

7. Long, holiday weekend

6. Much-needed rain

5. Celebrating my cousin’s third birthday

4. Counting down to our summer break

3. Discovering a new show about ballet called Breaking Pointe

2. Hatfields and McCoys mini-series

1. My special someone

I thought this post was hilarious and worthy of sharing.  Enjoy!

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