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Things I am grateful for this week:

10. “Girls Night Out” with my Stinkerbell in Tigertown

9. Stinkerbell getting to spend the night with one of her BFFs

8. The Olympics

7. Great sermon at church on Sunday

6. Powerful episode of Burn Notice

5. Swimming with friends on a very hot day

4. Getting started with Season 2 of Downton Abbey

3. Progress with those dreaded burpees

2. Fun night out at a local bar

1. Sweet text messages from my special someone

I came across this truly awesome story.  It struck a chord with me because I am always touched when someone finds ballet or dance to be their passion.  And when you consider what this amazing young woman went through to get to where she is today, how can you not be inspired?

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Thankfulness for the week …

10. Stinkerbell’s great week at dance camp

9. Yummy chocolate delight

8. Laughing with friends until I cried

7. Riding a 4-wheeler

6. Biscuits & gravy

5. A lazy Sunday

4. Exciting finish to the British Open

3. Celebrating my special someone’s birthday

2. Spending a day at the lake 

1. Another month with my special someone

If you are a child of the 1980s, you have to remember He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  I was the biggest fan, and I can remember watching the show every time it came on.  My friends and I played with the action figures, and we would act out various scenarios.  Naturally, I had to be She-Ra: Princess of Power.  In fact, there is still a small part of me that wishes I was She-Ra because she was so flipping awesome!

Watch this clip and see if you can recite each word.  Then tell me who your favorite characters were.

This week, I am grateful for …

10. Stinkerbell starting at her new dance studio with her new dance company

9. Stinkerbell spending the night with a friend she hasn’t seen in a while

8. Good check-up for our beloved kitty

7. Progress with my workouts

6. Going to the free movie with good friends

5. Our awesome babysitter

4. Getting to see a really big black bear up close

3. Funny & sweet memories of kids that I used to babysit

2. Saturday evening on the lake with some fun folks

1. Sunday afternoon on the lake with my special someone

One of my favorite country songs of all time is “I Want to Be Loved Like That” by Shenandoah.  And, it has been playing in my mind all week.  Consequently, this story struck a chord with me because it just fits with the words of the song.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did.

What I am thankful for this week …

10. Going to see Brave with Stinkerbell

9. Folks who follow my blog

8. Duck Dynasty marathons

7. Running into classmates when you least expect it

6. A day at the pool with a dear friend & her precious twins

5. Cookout & fireworks on the 4th with lots of good folks

4. Catching up on Season One of Downton Abbey

3. Some much-needed rain

2. Sticking to my workout plan

1. Hanging out with my special someone

This video of baby pandas is so adorable that it just had to be shared.  I hope it puts a smile on your face too!

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What I am grateful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell being cleared by the orthopedist to resume normal activities

9. Awesome week of Vacation Bible School

8. Three ballet dancers being named to the top twenty on So You Think You Can Dance

7. CrossFit workouts

6. Going to dinner & catching up with a good friend

5. Hitting the 125 post mark on WordPress

4. Air conditioning

3. Getting to see Magic Mike with two fabulous ladies

2. Great evening on the lake with my special someone

1. Nighttime swim with my special someone


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