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Christmastime gratitude:

10. Stinkerbell loving everything Santa brought

9. Christmas Eve gathering with my family

8. New TV for my bedroom

7. Time off from school

6. Stinkerbell’s Christmas party at dance

5. Awesome Christmas music by our church choir

4. Reading The Night Before Christmas with Stinkerbell

3. Leaving reindeer food in the yard on Christmas Eve

2. Seeing all my friends’ children via Facebook

1. Memories of last Christmas with my special someone

Things to give thanks for this week …

10. Stinkerbell being asked to speak to the PTO at her school

9. A handful of students that have & use their manners

8. Last Friday of school for 2012

7. My BFF at work who brings me Butterfingers

6. Lessons & Carols service at church

5. 50th wedding anniversary party for two beloved family members

4. Coffee with lots of sugar & cream

3. Town Christmas Parade with friends

2. Duck Dynasty re-runs when I can’t sleep

1. Good memories of my special someone

Gratitude for the week …

10. Stinkerbell getting to dance with over 70 girls in a production number

9. Good check-up with my doctor

8. Christmas music at church

7. Getting all my Christmas presents wrapped

6. Fun shopping with my mother

5. Pizza & beer with a good friend 

4. Duck Dynasty marathon to make me laugh

3. Awesome season finale of Sons of Anarchy

2. Great season premiere of Ax Men

1. Unexpected text messages that make me smile

Things to be grateful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell’s studio dancing in the Christmas parade

9. Fun birthday for one of Stinkerbell’s friends

8. My Sunday School teachers

7. Advent Festival at our church

6. Supportive co-workers

5. Unexpected twists on Sons of Anarchy

4. Clarity & validation from a dear friend

3. Good dental check-ups

2. Great progress report for my Stinkerbell

1. Stinkerbell being elected Student Council Vice President


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