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Thankfulness for the week …

10. Great weekend of competitive dance with Stinkerbell’s studio

9. New friendships

8. Getting back into my workout routine

7. Fun activities with my students

6. Real Coca-Cola

5. Krispy Kreme donuts

4. Quiet reading time

3. Rutledge on Top Gear

2. Catching up on The Americans

1. Funny conversations with my special someone

What I am grateful for this week …

10. Awesome Winter Show for Stinkerbell’s dance studio

9. Getting all of Stinkerbell’s costumes & accessories ready

8. My fellow dance moms for all their support

7. Short work week

6. New season of Southland

5. New season of Swamp People

4. Discovering a new show called The Americans

3. Registration at school

2. Sweet text messages on Valentine’s Day

1. Spending time with my special someone

This week’s gratitude:

10s. “Muffins for Moms” at Stinkerbell’s school

9. Really fun birthday party for one of Stinkerbell’s friends

8. Lock-in for Stinkerbell at her dance studio

7. Learning to rhinestone dance costumes

6. Relief provided by antibiotics & my Neti Pot during a sinus infection

5. Downton Abbey

4. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

3. Honest conversations

2. Support from my administration at school

1. Discovering great opportunities for Stinkerbell next year at middle school

Things to be thankful for this week:

10. Massage therapy session for Stinkerbell

9. A really nice email from Stinkerbell’s math teacher

8. My fellow dance moms (We are NOT like the ones on TV, by the way!)

7. Awesome new isotonic mattress cover for my bed

6. Finishing a continuing education class

5. Lunchtime fellowship with friends at work

4. Watching the preschoolers during worship at our church

3. Entertaining season of Moonshiners

2. New episodes of Bunheads

1. Fun evening with my special someone


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