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Gratitude for the week:

10. Fun dance banquet & awards ceremony for Stinkerbell

9. Dinner with my dance mom friends

8. Checking things off my to-do list

7. All of my seniors passing Biology for the year

6. Watching So You Think You Can Dance with Stinkerbell

5. Duck Dynasty reruns

4. Nutella

3. Last full week of school

2. Memorial Day holiday

1. Making dinner for my special someone

Thankfulness for this week …

10. Stinkerbell auditioning for dance next year

9. Field trip with Stinkerbell’s class

8. Corona with lime

7. Time to make dinner

6. Completing 13 books for Year of the Bible

5. Text messages that make me smile

4. Class Day celebration for the graduating seniors

3. New season of So You Think You Can Dance

2. Fun girls night out with some of my fellow dance moms

1. Nice evening outside with my special someone

Things to be grateful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell turning 11 years old!

9. Birthday celebrations with family & friends

8. Stinkerbell being cleared by her periodontist

7. Discovering a new brand of ballet shoes

6. Red velvet cake

5. Sticking with my Year of the Bible readings

4. Time to practice my guitar

3. Mother’s Day

2. Hilarious antics on Ax Men

1. Special times with my special someone


My gratitude for the week …

10. Stinkerbell healing quickly from her visit to the periodontist

9. Working with fellow Biology teachers

8. Last full month of school

7. Hilarious group messages from my dance mom friends

6. Crushing candy!

5. Corona with lime

4. Meeting new folks at a co-worker’s house

3.  Awesome season finale of The Americans

2. Fun evening gathering with friends

1. Time to reflect on the relationships in my life


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