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Gratitude for the week …

10. Stinkerbell’s company danced brilliantly at their national competition 

9. Free time on our beach trip

8. Getting to know my fellow dance moms even better

7. Hump Day camel ride for Stinkerbell

6.  My cool henna tattoo

5. Great service at my church on Sunday

4. Finally beating level 97 on Candy Crush!

3. New season of Breaking Pointe

2. Yummy food while on our beach trip

1. Good night’s sleep in my own bed

What I am grateful for this week …

10. Great week of dance for Stinkerbell

9. New bedding for my room

8. Trying a new recipe

7. Laughing at funny movies

6. Catching up with a friend from work over dinner

5. Sunshine between all the rain we’ve gotten

4. My dear friend who is always there for me

3. Japanese food with my fellow dance moms

2. Making ice cream sundaes with Stinkerbell

1. Watching Phil Mickelson win The Open Championship!

This week’s thanks …

10. Stinkerbell being home from her beach trip

9. Stinkerbell’s “Elite” dance camp & rehearsals for their national competition 

8. Good check-up for our cat

7. Finishing dance classes with the color guard at our school

6. Completing half the Year of the Bible readings

5. Having my workout partner back

4. Making yummy lemon squares

3. Going to see Despicable Me 2

2. Monsters University & a sleepover for Stinkerbell & one of her friends

1. Laughing with my special someone

Thankfulness for this week:

10. Stinkerbell getting a bonus vacation

9. Seeing a funny movie with friends

8. Teaching dance class for my school’s color guard

7. Quiet time

6. Mexican food with some of my favorite folks

5. Yummy calzone from local pizza shop

4. My finger continuing to heal

3. Getting completely caught up with Breaking Bad

2. Finally beating level 65 on Candy Crush!

1. Spending time with my special someone

Gratitude for the week:

10. Bonus ballet classes for Stinkerbell 

9. Wrapping up a great week of Vacation Bible School

8. Luncheon honoring a wonderful saint at our church

7. Finishing reading The Painted Girls

6. Stinkerbell being cleared to only wear her retainer at night

5. Opportunity to work with our school’s color guard

4. Watching the Top 20 perform on So You Think You Can Dance

3. Watching Season 2 & Season 3 of Breaking Bad

2. My finger continuing to heal

1. An entire day all to myself


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