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What I am grateful for this week …

10. Stinkerbell loving middle school

9. Awesome new jazz choreography for Stinkerbell’s dance team

8. Warm chocolate chip cookies & milk

7. Rally Day at our church

6. My coworkers

5. Good start to my new biology classes at school

4. Si on Duck Dynasty

3. Incredible episode of Breaking Bad

2. Hilarious characters on Porter Ridge

1. Taking care of my special someone

The week’s gratitude:

10. Stinkerbell getting her first pair of pointe shoes 

9. Preparing for the new school year

8. Lunch with good friends from work

7. Welcome back celebration at Stinkerbell’s dance studio

6. Purchasing tickets for the So You Think You Can Dance 2013 Tour

5. Fun day in Clemson with Stinkerbell

4. Ridiculous antics on The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man

3. Hilarious season premiere of Duck Dynasty

2. Awesome season premiere of Hell on Wheels

1. Quality time with my special someone

This week’s thankfulness:

10. 6th Grade Rookie Camp for Stinkerbell

9. Parent meeting for a new year at the dance studio

8. Working 10th grade registration at school

7. Preparing for my honors biology class

6. Cleaning & setting up my room at school

5. An Auburn alum (Jason Dufner) winning the PGA Championship … War Eagle!

4. Winning streak for the Atlanta Braves

3. Days without make-up

2. Hilarious new show about Shelby Stanga

1. Time with my special someone

Things to give thanks for this week:

10. Shopping for school supplies w/ Stinkerbell

9. Completing my yearly physical

8. Cool choreography on SYTYCD

7. Frozen yogurt w/ lots of toppings

6. Time to read

5. Good workouts

4. New technology ideas w/ my colleagues

3. Successful yard sale

2. Sleeping in

1. Night swimming w/ my special someone


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