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Thankfulness for the week …

10. Awesome ballet class for Stinkerbell

9. Getting started on my remodeling project

8. Fun week of Vacation Bible School

7. Dental check-ups

6. Finding good homes for three American Girl dolls

5. Reruns of Cheers

4. Yard sale with my favorite cousin

3. Tackling tough CrossFit workouts

2. Nestle Girl Scout cookie candy bars

1. Joking with my special someone


The week’s thanks:

10. Stinkerbell getting excited for Christmas

9. Playing American Girl dolls with Stinkerbell

8. Laughing with friends at work

7. Getting all presents wrapped

6. A lazy Saturday

5. Homemade cinnamon rolls

4. Making it to single digits with Year of the Bible

3. Yummy breakfast at church

2. 2-week break from school

1. Evening with my special someone


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