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This week’s thanks …

10. Stinkerbell attending an awesome birthday party for a dance friend

9. Lunch & walking through the botanical garden with sweet friends

8. Disney’s PhotoPass

7. Fun party for Miss South Carolina Teen 2014

6. Getting some much-needed sleep

5. Corona with lime

4. Making progress on my remodeling project

3. Good checkup for our kitty cat

2. Yummy chocolate & cherry milkshake from Cookout

1. Great night laughing with my oldest & dearest friends


Things to be grateful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell turning 11 years old!

9. Birthday celebrations with family & friends

8. Stinkerbell being cleared by her periodontist

7. Discovering a new brand of ballet shoes

6. Red velvet cake

5. Sticking with my Year of the Bible readings

4. Time to practice my guitar

3. Mother’s Day

2. Hilarious antics on Ax Men

1. Special times with my special someone


This week’s gratitude:

10s. “Muffins for Moms” at Stinkerbell’s school

9. Really fun birthday party for one of Stinkerbell’s friends

8. Lock-in for Stinkerbell at her dance studio

7. Learning to rhinestone dance costumes

6. Relief provided by antibiotics & my Neti Pot during a sinus infection

5. Downton Abbey

4. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

3. Honest conversations

2. Support from my administration at school

1. Discovering great opportunities for Stinkerbell next year at middle school

My daughter’s 9th birthday party is scheduled for this afternoon.  And as the event quickly approaches, I find myself worried about every detail … Will the location be OK?  How many guests will actually show up?  Do I have enough plates, cups, napkins, and refreshments for everyone?  But, when it’s all said and done,  the main goal is for Grayson and her guests to have a good time.

I can always count on at least two or three people to post something about “Hump Day” on Facebook every time Wednesday rolls around.  This always makes me think that we spend a great deal of time wishing our lives away!  I have been especially prone to this behavior during the current school year.  Third grade has been a major transition year for Grayson, and she has been given a ridiculous amount of school work.  In addition, one of the classes that I teach has been a constant struggle.  Consequently, we have several count-downs going right now: 1) upcoming dance competition, 2) Grayson’s birthday, 3) the school calendar winding down, and most importantly … 4) our Disney World vacation next month!


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