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Giving thanks for the following:

10. Awesome dance competition for Stinkerbell’s studio

9. My fellow dance moms

8. Stinkerbell getting to see a special friend

7. Starting the book of Romans for Year of the Bible

6. Little Debbie Pecan Spinwheels

5. Folks who follow my blog

4. End of the 3rd nine weeks at school

3. Stinkerbell meeting her Accelerated Reader goal for the quarter

2. Laughing at “Harlem Shake” videos … especially this one!

1. Spending extra time with my special someone

This week, I am grateful for …

10. Stinkerbell’s progress in learning fractions

9. Stinkerbell loving her dance company practices

8. Early dismissal from school due to winter weather

7. Completing the book of Genesis for Year of the Bible

6. Great season of Ax Men

5. Folks who take the time to read my blog each week

4. Watching highlights of Bo Jackson’s incredible career

3. Very moving episode of Downton Abbey

2. Wonderful memorial service for a wonderful man

1. Sweet text messages from my special someone

Things to give thanks for this week:

10. Nice compliment from Stinkerbell’s art teacher

9. PTO Meeting & Open House at Stinkerbell’s school

8. Watching the toddlers & preschoolers during worship at my church

7. Time to get household chores done

6. Fun time with my family at a cousin’s birthday dinner

5. My good friend who is always there for me

4. Folks who read my blog

3. Another win for my Clemson Tigers

2. Finishing Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy

1. Reconnecting with my special someone

I’ve made a plug for Suri’s Burn Book several times before.  So if you aren’t currently reading this blog, you should!  Check out one of this week’s entries for some good laughs!

One of my favorite country songs of all time is “I Want to Be Loved Like That” by Shenandoah.  And, it has been playing in my mind all week.  Consequently, this story struck a chord with me because it just fits with the words of the song.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did.

This video of baby pandas is so adorable that it just had to be shared.  I hope it puts a smile on your face too!

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What I am grateful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell being cleared by the orthopedist to resume normal activities

9. Awesome week of Vacation Bible School

8. Three ballet dancers being named to the top twenty on So You Think You Can Dance

7. CrossFit workouts

6. Going to dinner & catching up with a good friend

5. Hitting the 125 post mark on WordPress

4. Air conditioning

3. Getting to see Magic Mike with two fabulous ladies

2. Great evening on the lake with my special someone

1. Nighttime swim with my special someone

I have recommended Suri’s Burn Book before because it is one of the funniest blogs out there.  Those of you who enjoy a little celebrity watching should check out the latest entry which gives Suri’s reaction to her parents’ divorce news.

I love to share funny posts when I find them, and I like to spread the word when I discover a really cool blog.  Photobotos.com is one of my new favorites.  They post an awesome photograph each and every day, and you should check it out.

I thought this post was hilarious and worthy of sharing.  Enjoy!

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