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Things I am grateful for this week:

10. “Girls Night Out” with my Stinkerbell in Tigertown

9. Stinkerbell getting to spend the night with one of her BFFs

8. The Olympics

7. Great sermon at church on Sunday

6. Powerful episode of Burn Notice

5. Swimming with friends on a very hot day

4. Getting started with Season 2 of Downton Abbey

3. Progress with those dreaded burpees

2. Fun night out at a local bar

1. Sweet text messages from my special someone

What I am grateful for this week:

10. Summer break for both Stinkerbell & me

9. Stinkerbell winning lots of awards at school

8. Catching up with co-workers

7. Awesome dancers on So You Think You Can Dance

6. Season premiere of Burn Notice

5. NBA finals

4. Surprise 80th birthday party for my great-aunt

3. Celebrating Father’s Day with my wonderful step-father

2. Seeing the Broadway version of Disney’s The Lion King with my mom & Stinkerbell

1. Another month with my special someone

I am happy to report that I am now a fan of yet another drama — Burn Notice.  The USA network quite brilliantly ran last season’s episodes in a marathon on the Sunday prior to the new season starting.  Well, as I was flipping channels, the show caught my eye.  And, after only 10 minutes, I was completely HOOKED!  I watched all of the episodes from Season 4, and I anxiously awaited the Season 5 premiere on June 23rd.  The show is really good because I find the spy story lines and action fascinating.  All of the characters are well-written, and the acting is outstanding.  So, if you are looking for something to watch this summer, I highly recommend Burn Notice Thursdays at 9:00 pm on USA.


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