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Sammy Watkins is an unbelievably talented young man, and I am so very happy that he is a Clemson Tiger.  I dare you to read this article and not be impressed by him as well!

What I am thankful for this week …

10. My special someone

9. Advent Festival at church

8. Awesome coworkers

7. Warm cinnamon rolls

6. Capri’s lasagna

5. Stinkerbell being in the Christmas parade

4. Parent Observation at the dance studio

3. Memories of my precious Pappy

2. Fellowship with an awesome group of friends from church

1. Clemson winning the ACC Championship!

I am so proud of my Clemson Tigers!  They played their hearts out last night to win the ACC Championship against #5 Virginia Tech.  Here’s a little peek at why I am so proud to be a part of the Clemson family.

This week’s thankfulness …

10. Hugs from my 2-year-old cousin

9. Playing “Mother May I”

8. Saturday relaxation

7. Cee Lo Green appearing on Parenthood

6. Students with manners

5. Solitaire app on my iPhone

4. Stinkerbell’s pediatrician

3. Stinkerbell’s teachers

2. Clemson is still undefeated!

1. Pearl Jam Twenty documentary


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