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The week’s gratitude:

10. Stinkerbell getting her first pair of pointe shoes 

9. Preparing for the new school year

8. Lunch with good friends from work

7. Welcome back celebration at Stinkerbell’s dance studio

6. Purchasing tickets for the So You Think You Can Dance 2013 Tour

5. Fun day in Clemson with Stinkerbell

4. Ridiculous antics on The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man

3. Hilarious season premiere of Duck Dynasty

2. Awesome season premiere of Hell on Wheels

1. Quality time with my special someone

I have been listening to older music lately.  It should be noted that I am using the term “older” very loosely because I am referring to CDs from the 1990s, and I am most certainly not old!  Nevertheless, hearing artists from the 90s  brings back tons of wonderful memories from my days as an undergraduate student at Clemson as well as a graduate student at Auburn.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite bands from that decade:

Pearl Jam


Gin Blossoms

Counting Crows

Goo Goo Dolls

Jane’s Addiction

The Cranberries

Smashing Pumpkins

 So, I am curious which bands my readers dig from the 1990s?

Since I continue to be ridiculously busy, it is important to remember the things that I am thankful for.

10. Making biology lab kits with colleagues

9. Pumpkin Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts

8. A big come-back win for Clemson over Maryland

7. Stinkerbell being invited to play at a friend’s house

6. Getting some early Christmas shopping done

5. Watching Stinkerbell & friends dance at a disco birthday party

4. My Sunday School class

3. Fog rising over the mountains in the mornings

2. Leaves starting to change colors

1. Remembering a dear, sweet soul at his memorial service

This week, I am most thankful for …

10. Seeing Dolphin Tale with my Stinkerbell

9. Coffee

8. My family

7. My church family

6. The month of October

5. The most precious 3-year-old twins

4. Looking forward to my high school reunion

3. Clemson’s victory over #11 Virgina Tech

2. Auburn’s victory over #10 South Carolina

1. Seinfeld re-runs


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