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Life has been extra busy, but here is a list of what I am thankful for:

10. Awesome dance competition weekend for Stinkerbell’s studio

9. Stinkerbell  receiving 5.0 stars for all of her dances, including her solo!

8. More progress towards reaching my fitness goals

7. Support of my awesome personal trainer at 9Round

6. Great first month with Rodan+Fields

5. Yummy recipe for zucchini loaf

4. Holmes & Watson on Elementary

3. Nearing the series finale of Justified

2. Crazy developments on Vikings

1. Laughing with my special someone

This week’s thanks:

10. Great recital for Stinkerbell’s dance studio

9. Getting to watch dress rehearsal

8. Fun banquet for Stinkerbell’s competition teams

7. Yummy Mexican food with dance mom friends

6. The coconut wheel on Candy Crush

5. Wrapping up grades at school

4. Graduation ceremony for the Class of 2014

3. Great dinner & fellowship with work friends

2. New season of SYTYCD

1. My special someone making me smile again

This week’s thankfulness:

10. 1st dance competition of the year for Stinkerbell’s dance team

9. Special awards & high scores for all four of their competition dances

8. Goetze caramel cremes

7. A good night’s sleep

6. Making it to mid-term of the third quarter at school

5. Krispy Kreme donuts

4. Great season finale of Downton Abbey

3. Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy on The Following

2. The return of The Blacklist

1. My special someone

Gratitude for the week …

10. Stinkerbell’s company danced brilliantly at their national competition 

9. Free time on our beach trip

8. Getting to know my fellow dance moms even better

7. Hump Day camel ride for Stinkerbell

6.  My cool henna tattoo

5. Great service at my church on Sunday

4. Finally beating level 97 on Candy Crush!

3. New season of Breaking Pointe

2. Yummy food while on our beach trip

1. Good night’s sleep in my own bed

This week’s thanks …

10. Stinkerbell being home from her beach trip

9. Stinkerbell’s “Elite” dance camp & rehearsals for their national competition 

8. Good check-up for our cat

7. Finishing dance classes with the color guard at our school

6. Completing half the Year of the Bible readings

5. Having my workout partner back

4. Making yummy lemon squares

3. Going to see Despicable Me 2

2. Monsters University & a sleepover for Stinkerbell & one of her friends

1. Laughing with my special someone

Giving thanks for the following:

10. Awesome dance competition for Stinkerbell’s studio

9. My fellow dance moms

8. Stinkerbell getting to see a special friend

7. Starting the book of Romans for Year of the Bible

6. Little Debbie Pecan Spinwheels

5. Folks who follow my blog

4. End of the 3rd nine weeks at school

3. Stinkerbell meeting her Accelerated Reader goal for the quarter

2. Laughing at “Harlem Shake” videos … especially this one!

1. Spending extra time with my special someone


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