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The week’s thanks:

10. Stinkerbell working hard at the dance studio

9. Stinkerbell’s dance teachers

8. Good check-up for my thyroid

7. Special assembly for our students

6. My work friends

5. 3-day weekend

4. Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey

3. Loads of new recipes to try

2. Progress with the fitness challenge at 9Round

1. Laughing at my special someone

Thanks for the week:

10. Great report card for Stinkerbell

9. 4-day weekend

8. Starting my Christmas shopping

7. The end of daylight savings time

6. Fresh pomegranates

5. Delicious chicken tortilla soup recipe

4. Big win for my Auburn Tigers

3. Halloween fun with my Stinkerbell

2. Crazy developments on Sons of Anarchy

1. Getting to see my special someone

Gratitude for this week:

10. Stinkerbell attending a big student council rally

9. Good lesson in my Sunday School class

8. Cooking for the youth group at our church

7. Challenging workouts

6. Fun get together with friends

5. Insane episode of Sons of Anarchy

4. Awesome twist on this week’s Hell On Wheels

3. Homecoming week at my school

2. Great wins for both of my teams

1. Talking to my special someone

My thanks for the week …

10. Super-cool new jazz dance for Stinkerbell’s team

9. Fun kick-off dinner for Stinkerbell’s youth group at church

8. Opportunity for Stinkerbell to do a solo this year

7. Challenging my biology students to write more

6. Yummy new slow cooker recipe

5. Getting back to my CrossFit routine

4. The “delay brew” setting on my coffee maker

3. Return of Elam on Hell On Wheels

2. Watching college football

1. Texts that make me smile

My gratitude for the week:

10. Stinkerbell having artwork selected for the show at the county museum

9. Fun activities with my biology students at school

8. Watching TV online

7. Krispy Kreme chocolate iced glazed donuts

6. Great lesson at church on connecting to God through nature

5. Cooking dinner for the youth group at our church

4. A day without my alarm

3. Sunshine

2. New season of The Americans

1. My special someone making me smile

What I am grateful for this week …

10. Great week of dance for Stinkerbell

9. New bedding for my room

8. Trying a new recipe

7. Laughing at funny movies

6. Catching up with a friend from work over dinner

5. Sunshine between all the rain we’ve gotten

4. My dear friend who is always there for me

3. Japanese food with my fellow dance moms

2. Making ice cream sundaes with Stinkerbell

1. Watching Phil Mickelson win The Open Championship!

This week’s thanks …

10. Stinkerbell being home from her beach trip

9. Stinkerbell’s “Elite” dance camp & rehearsals for their national competition 

8. Good check-up for our cat

7. Finishing dance classes with the color guard at our school

6. Completing half the Year of the Bible readings

5. Having my workout partner back

4. Making yummy lemon squares

3. Going to see Despicable Me 2

2. Monsters University & a sleepover for Stinkerbell & one of her friends

1. Laughing with my special someone

Gratitude for the week:

10. Fun dance banquet & awards ceremony for Stinkerbell

9. Dinner with my dance mom friends

8. Checking things off my to-do list

7. All of my seniors passing Biology for the year

6. Watching So You Think You Can Dance with Stinkerbell

5. Duck Dynasty reruns

4. Nutella

3. Last full week of school

2. Memorial Day holiday

1. Making dinner for my special someone

Thankfulness for this week …

10. Stinkerbell auditioning for dance next year

9. Field trip with Stinkerbell’s class

8. Corona with lime

7. Time to make dinner

6. Completing 13 books for Year of the Bible

5. Text messages that make me smile

4. Class Day celebration for the graduating seniors

3. New season of So You Think You Can Dance

2. Fun girls night out with some of my fellow dance moms

1. Nice evening outside with my special someone

Gratitude for the week …

10. Awesome awards for Stinkerbell’s dance team at competition

9. My fellow dance moms

8. Keeping current with Year of the Bible

7. Wal-Mart coming to my hometown

6. Trying new recipes

5. Kevin Bacon on The Following

4. Shelby & Belinda on Ax Men

3. Candy Crush game on my phone

2. Lazy Sunday morning

1. Sweet moments with my special someone


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