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This week’s thankfulness:

10. Stinkerbell having a good week at school

9. My helpful teacher’s assistants

8. Progress with my Year of the Bible readings 

7. Getting some yard work done

6. A much-needed day off from school

5. A good decision for my dog

4. Cadbury Creme Eggs

3. Phil & Si on Duck Dynasty

2. The Top Gear guys playing football

1. Evenings with my special someone

This is from one of my favorite “feel good” blogs. I hope you all enjoy!

1000 Awesome Things

What was your worst job ever?

Yes, we were chatting about bad jobs the other night and I said unclogging grease traps with my bare hands was at the top of my list. Pulling out that rusty Black Box of Death from under the triple-sink released a foul Rotting Meat Scraps From Six Months Ago stench that was seared forever in my brain.

Scott said his gig was worse: scraping out urinals at the bar he worked at in high school. Being the low man on the grill meant whenever someone created a horrible mess he was thrown a handful of paper towels and told to get to it.

We all thought Scott might have won the title but our friend Tyler said collecting shopping carts in the grocery store lot was worse. “Think about it,” he started. “There’s that constant search for lost carts, snapping them all into mate-mode…

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