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What I am grateful for this week:

10. Spending time with Stinkerbell during our break

9. Returning to school on a Thursday (i.e., short week!)

8. Awesome New Year’s Day lunch & watching football with my family

7. Starting The Year of the Bible with my church

6. Dry roasted almonds

5. Music that reminds me of good times

4. Great college football season

3. Knowing I still have the NFL playoffs & Super Bowl left to watch

2. Downton Abbey Season 3 premiere

1. Heart-to-heart talks with my special someone

Thankfulness for this week …

10. Watching Stinkerbell enjoy all of her Christmas gifts

9. Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Stinkerbell

8. Leftover Christmas desserts

7. Time to read

6. Time to watch movies

5. Time to complete much-needed work around our house

4. Nice dinner with good friends

3. College football bowl games

2. Unexpected time with my special someone

1. Finishing 2012 & looking forward to 2013

What I am thankful for this week …

10. Stinkerbell making a B on a really difficult math test

9. Stinkerbell helping with the car rider line at her school

8. Parent observation week at Stinkerbell’s dance studio

7. My hair growing long again

6. New pizza restaurant in town

5. Shake-ups in the BCS

4. Charlie Hunnam on Sons of Anarchy

3. Fun with good friends at the “Third Friday” event downtown

2. Laughing until I hurt watching new episodes of Duck Dynasty

1. One year anniversary with my special someone

Thankfulness for this week:

10. Stinkerbell working hard for school

9. Stinkerbell’s dance friends & their moms

8. Time to workout

7. Co-workers who genuinely care

6. My dear friend who’s always willing to listen

5. Halloween Festival at our church

4. Completing over-due projects at home

3. Catching up on The Big Bang Theory

2. Four-day weekend

1. Cooking out & watching football with my special someone

This week’s thankfulness:

10. Stinkerbell starting their big production number at dance

9. Beautiful Sunday afternoon with Stinkerbell at the Botanical Gardens

8. Pasta with yummy alfredo sauce

7. Awesome Sunday School discussions

6. A day without make-up

5. Picking out keepsakes from my grandparents’ house

4. Finally being current with Sons of Anarchy

3. College football

2. Taking care of my special someone while he was sick

1. Watching movies with my special someone

Gratitude for the week:

10. Stinkerbell getting to meet a real astronaut

9. Being asked to chaperone a science field trip with Stinkerbell’s class

8. Dinner at Pizza Inn with some of our favorite folks

7. My dear friend from church

6. College football

5. Watching Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy

4. Discovering Anson Mount on Hell On Wheels

3. New season of  Duck Dynasty

2. Pictures of my special someone when he was a little boy

1. Spending quality time with my special someone

What I am grateful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell settling in at her new dance studio

9. Compliments on my workout progress

8. Open House at my school

7. High School football on a cool Friday night

6. Another win for my Clemson Tigers

5. iPhone upgrade

4. New OtterBox case

3. Co-workers who make me laugh

2. Finishing Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy

1. Time with my special someone

Things to give thanks for this week:

10. Nice compliment from Stinkerbell’s art teacher

9. PTO Meeting & Open House at Stinkerbell’s school

8. Watching the toddlers & preschoolers during worship at my church

7. Time to get household chores done

6. Fun time with my family at a cousin’s birthday dinner

5. My good friend who is always there for me

4. Folks who read my blog

3. Another win for my Clemson Tigers

2. Finishing Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy

1. Reconnecting with my special someone

This week’s gratitude:

10. Progress for Stinkerbell at school

9. Great orthodontist check-up for Stinkerbell

8. Love & support from a dear friend

7. Perspective when seeing how someone handles a situation

6. The choir at my church

5. Cadbury “Screme” Eggs

4. Wonderful season premiere of Parenthood

3. Sons of Anarchy Season One on DVD

2. Wins for both of my Tigers!

1. Heart-to-heart conversations with my mother

What I am thankful for this week:

10. Awesome well-check for Stinkerbell with our favorite pediatrician

9. Fun weekend of exciting hip hop choreography for Stinkerbell

8. Getting to know my students more

7. Time to watch movies 

6. New season of The Voice

5. My Sunday School class

4. College football

3. Krispy Kreme donuts

2. Friends who listen

1. Honest conversations with my special someone


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