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Things I am grateful for …

10. Summer Intensive dance camp for Stinkerbell

9. Getting Stinkerbell’s new room painted

8. Picking out new items for my remodeling project

7. Days without makeup

6. Getting to see Epic at the free movie

5. Family movie night at our church

4. Grilling out for the Fourth of July

3. Awesome strategy website for Candy Crush

2. Delicious S’mores

1. Getting ready for an entire week at Walt Disney World!


What I am thankful for this week …

10. Going to see Brave with Stinkerbell

9. Folks who follow my blog

8. Duck Dynasty marathons

7. Running into classmates when you least expect it

6. A day at the pool with a dear friend & her precious twins

5. Cookout & fireworks on the 4th with lots of good folks

4. Catching up on Season One of Downton Abbey

3. Some much-needed rain

2. Sticking to my workout plan

1. Hanging out with my special someone


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