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My thanks for the week:

10. My Stinkerbell turning 13 years old!

9. Fun weekend of birthday celebrations for Stinkerbell

8. Being able to sleep in a little on the weekend

7. Great win for Rickie Fowler

6. White Coyote from Coyote Coffee

5. Getting over some back issues

4. Holmes & Watson on Elementary

3. Complete craziness on The Following

2. Keeping up with friends on Facebook

1. Laughing at my special someone

This week’s thankfulness:

10. 6th Grade Rookie Camp for Stinkerbell

9. Parent meeting for a new year at the dance studio

8. Working 10th grade registration at school

7. Preparing for my honors biology class

6. Cleaning & setting up my room at school

5. An Auburn alum (Jason Dufner) winning the PGA Championship … War Eagle!

4. Winning streak for the Atlanta Braves

3. Days without make-up

2. Hilarious new show about Shelby Stanga

1. Time with my special someone

What I am grateful for this week …

10. Great week of dance for Stinkerbell

9. New bedding for my room

8. Trying a new recipe

7. Laughing at funny movies

6. Catching up with a friend from work over dinner

5. Sunshine between all the rain we’ve gotten

4. My dear friend who is always there for me

3. Japanese food with my fellow dance moms

2. Making ice cream sundaes with Stinkerbell

1. Watching Phil Mickelson win The Open Championship!


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