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This week’s thankfulness:

10. American Girl Club with Stinkerbell at our local library

9. Stinkerbell finding out who her teacher will be for 5th grade

8. Days where I don’t have to wear make-up

7. NFL pre-season games

6. Football Jamboree at our high school

5. The Olympics

4. More great episodes of Downton Abbey

3. Yummy pizza from Mellow Mushroom

2. Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Caramel & Coconut bars

1. Treating my special someone to an awesome concert for his birthday

Super-duper quick thankfulness:

10. Mellow Mushroom pizza

9. School routines

8. Laughing until you can’t breathe

7. New Sunday School book

6. Sweet card from a former student

5. Stinkerbell’s dance competition season

4. Sam Adams Black Lager

3. My dog, Jake

2. Lazy Saturday

1. College football


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