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Gratitude for this week:

10. Stinkerbell having a sweet friend sleep over

9. Starting a new year of dance

8. All things pumpkin

7. Labor Day holiday

6. Reruns of Cheers

5. Memories that make me smile

4. Sam Adams Oktoberfest

3. Getting my house almost back to normal

2. Awesome episode of Hell On Wheels

1. The start of college football season

Things I give thanks for this week:

10. Stinkerbell loving her Christmas gifts

9. Christmas Eve with my sweet family

8. Beautiful original painting from my mother

7. Finishing Year of the Bible

6. Finally passing Level 147 on Candy Crush

5. Playing Duck Dynasty Trivia game

4. Watching newly released movies from Redbox

3. Shelby on Ax Men

2. College football bowl games

1. Good memories from 2013

This week’s gratitude:

10. Getting started on Stinkerbell’s Christmas list

9. Breaking out the jackets for cooler temperatures

8. Productive week at school

7. Fun Bible trivia game at church

6. All things pumpkin

5. Setting up for our Trout in the Classroom project

4. Crazy, crazy episode of Sons of Anarchy

3. Wonderful teacher appreciation banquet with one of my favorite students

2. Memories that make me smile

1. Incredible Auburn win over Georgia … War Eagle!

Our Disney vacation is quickly approaching, and excited does not adequately describe my emotions.  After all, Disney World is the most magical place on earth.  So, I have Disney Fever!  One of the symptoms of Disney Fever is that you remember highlights from previous trips.  In particular, these memories stand out:

1) My first trip was when I was 9 years old.  My grandfather took the entire family, and I vividly remember riding “It’s a Small World” with him.

2) The first time I took my daughter was when she was 5 years old.  My favorite recollection is when she got to meet Snow White, her most beloved princess.

As our departure date draws near, I am looking forward to making even more Disney memories.

Since I teach at a high school, I am no stranger to teenage drama.  We had the annual “Class Day” celebration yesterday where the seniors are recognized for their accomplishments and reminisce over their years in school before heading out into the wide, wide world.  But, one thing in particular stuck in my head.  One of the speakers told the underclassmen to enjoy their remaining years in high school, saying they would be “the best years of their lives”.  I know they are young and have a very limited view of the real world at this point in time.  But, come on!  What about going to college, establishing a career, getting married, or having children?

In my opinion, Mother’s Day is not just about mothers.  Please do not misunderstand.  I love my mother very much, and I am eternally grateful for all she does for me.  But, I believe this should be a day to celebrate all of the important women in your life.  Remember to thank each of the women who have helped to shape who you are today.  Be sure to tell them just how much they mean to you.  They will appreciate your acknowledgement, and you will be glad you did.


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