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Gratitude for this week:

10. Stinkerbell learning all her competition dances

9. Extra rehearsal time for Stinkerbell’s team

8. NFL playoff games

7. Exciting college football national championship game

6. My trainers at 9Round

5. Getting better at pushups

4. Developments on Downton Abbey

3. Finishing the first semester of school

2. Getting to see my special someone

1. Sticking to my plan to eat healthier

Thankfulness for the week:

10. Stinkerbell starting 7th grade!

9. People who follow my blog

8. Anticipating a great school year

7. NFL pre-season

6. Red velvet cake cookies

5. Getting to each lunch with coworkers during in-service

4. Fun open house party at the dance studio

3. Relaxing pedicure

2. My principal coming back to work after open heart surgery

1. My oldest friend coming to work with me at my school

Thankfulness for the week:

10. Stinkerbell working hard at dance

9. Good week back to school

8. Homemade chicken pot pie

7. Being organized

6. Quiet Saturday

5. NFL playoff games

4. Laughing with friends at work

3. Pictures from the past that made me smile

2. The return of The Blacklist

1. Spending time with my special someone

What I am thankful for this week …

10. Stinkerbell meeting her reading goal for the quarter

9. Encouragement from a sweet friend at church

8. Noticeable progress with my workouts

7. Reese’s peanut butter cups

6. Laughing at silly movies

5. Final NFL playoff games

4. 3-day weekend

3. Shelby & Belinda on Ax Men

2. Some long-overdue sunshine

1. My special someone making me smile

This week’s thankfulness:

10. American Girl Club with Stinkerbell at our local library

9. Stinkerbell finding out who her teacher will be for 5th grade

8. Days where I don’t have to wear make-up

7. NFL pre-season games

6. Football Jamboree at our high school

5. The Olympics

4. More great episodes of Downton Abbey

3. Yummy pizza from Mellow Mushroom

2. Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Caramel & Coconut bars

1. Treating my special someone to an awesome concert for his birthday

This week, I am grateful for the following:

10. My 3-Day weekend

9. Sunday School discussions

8. Homemade spaghetti

7. Stinkerbell’s new friend

6. NFL playoff games

5. Students who make me laugh

4. Fellowship with friends at work

3. Songs that remind me of my younger days

2. Relaxing with my special someone

1. Catching up with one of my oldest & dearest friends


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