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Gratitude for the week:

10. Awesome Winter Show for Stinkerbell’s dance studio

9. My dance mom friends

8. People magazine

7. David Beckham H&M ads

6. The Olympics

5. Beautiful Sunday

4. Snow days

3. Not losing power during the snow & ice

2. Sweet valentines

1. My special someone making me smile

Things to be grateful for …

10. Lovely new costumes for Stinkerbell’s dance team

9. Helping at the dance studio

8. Nice dinner & conversation with friends

7. Valentine cookies

6. Saturday with no alarm clock

5. Finally beating level 165 in Candy Crush!

4. Crazy twists on The Following

3. Interesting developments on Dowton Abbey

2. The Olympics

1. My special someone

This week’s thankfulness:

10. American Girl Club with Stinkerbell at our local library

9. Stinkerbell finding out who her teacher will be for 5th grade

8. Days where I don’t have to wear make-up

7. NFL pre-season games

6. Football Jamboree at our high school

5. The Olympics

4. More great episodes of Downton Abbey

3. Yummy pizza from Mellow Mushroom

2. Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Caramel & Coconut bars

1. Treating my special someone to an awesome concert for his birthday

For two weeks now, I have been completely obsessed with The Olympics.  I have literally watched everything that has been televised during any free moment that I have had.  Who knew water polo was so fascinating?  And who would have thought pole vaulting could be so entertaining?  It has been great watching people from all over the globe excel in their events.  I am extremely proud of our American athletes, and I am sad that the London Games are quickly coming to an end.

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Things I am grateful for this week:

10. “Girls Night Out” with my Stinkerbell in Tigertown

9. Stinkerbell getting to spend the night with one of her BFFs

8. The Olympics

7. Great sermon at church on Sunday

6. Powerful episode of Burn Notice

5. Swimming with friends on a very hot day

4. Getting started with Season 2 of Downton Abbey

3. Progress with those dreaded burpees

2. Fun night out at a local bar

1. Sweet text messages from my special someone


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