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I was one of the billions of people who awoke early to watch The Royal Wedding yesterday.  On a normal day, I have a very negative view of my alarm clock and waking up to start the day.  But not yesterday!  I didn’t push the snooze button a single time, and I was glued to the TV immediately!  Pesky chores like taking a shower, making coffee, and getting dressed irritated me greatly because I didn’t want to miss a single second of all the pomp and circumstance.   I should also note that my daughter was also fixated on the TV once I awoke her for the big event.

Kate was absolutely stunning.  She possesses elegance and grace that most of us can only dream of.  Prince William was handsome and regal, yet adorable and charming at the same time.  Every part of the wedding fascinated me, and I was agitated when I had to leave my TV and go to work.  Of course such a major event was the topic of many conversations at my school.  Many of my students wanted to know why I would watch such a thing?  The answer is quite simple.  What female — either young or old — doesn’t love a fairy tale?  This was the grandest of fairy tales, and it was LIVE for all of us to enjoy.


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