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What I give thanks for this week …

10. Stinkerbell’s Beta Club induction

9. Parent observation week at Stinkerbell’s dance studio

8. Supportive administrators at my school

7. Tour of our school district’s awesome Career & Technology Center

6. Reliable mechanic who works on my car when needed

5. Laughing at Rutledge on Top Gear

4. Watching the second season of Hell On Wheels

3. Samuel Adams Winter Lager

2. Chocolate creme Oreos

1. Funny text messages from my special someone

Thankfulness for the week:

10. Great weekend of jazz choreography for Stinkerbell

9. Good progress report for Stinkerbell

8. Getting to know my new advising group at school

7. Fried bologna sandwiches

6. My family & friends

5. Samuel Adams Octoberfest

4. Making time to workout

3. Sons of Anarchy

2. Homecoming festivities at my school

1. Funny text messages from my special someone

What I am grateful for this week:

10. Meet the Teacher event at Stinkerbell’s school

9. Time to prepare for the upcoming school year

8. Dinner with some of my favorite folks

7. Welcome Back party at Stinkerbell’s dance studio

6. Classic Robert Redford films

5. iTunes to motivate my workouts

4. Catching up with co-workers after Summer Break

3. Samuel Adams Octoberfest

2. Continuing with Season Two of Downton Abbey

1. Another month with my special someone

Things have been ridiculously busy lately.  Consequently, I needed to slow down to remember some of my favorite things from the past week:

10. “Clifford the Big Red Dog”  provided a much-needed break from all the tween Disney shows.

9. Our hairdresser made my daughter’s summer by giving her a hot pink feather for her hair.

8. I enjoyed listening to my iTunes while I set up my classroom.

7. It’s wonderful to have crisp, clean sheets on the bed after a long day.

6. Attending “Meet the Teacher” at Stinkerbell’s school assured me she will be in good hands this year.

5. We finally got some desperately needed rain.

4. Adele’s “Someone Like You” is brilliant.

3. The college football season is finally here.

2. Samuel Adams “Octoberfest” is back.

1. We are headed back to school for another great year.


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