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This week, I am especially grateful for:

10. Having 1,042 views of my blog to date

9. College football

8. Gorgeous fall colors

7. Facebook pictures of my friends’ children

6. The Grateful Dead

5. Sweet dance students

4. Sugar & cream with a little bit of coffee

3. Dr. Sheldon Cooper

2. Blasts from the past

1. Veterans who have served our country

TV fluctuates regularly in terms of quality programming.  But, over the years there have been some unforgettable characters.  These are just a few of my favorites:

1) Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) —  I love the entire cast, and I really love that the series revolves around science.   But, Sheldon is by far the most memorable because he is brilliant and neurotic at the same time … Bazzinga!

2) Cameron (Modern Family) — This comedy is extremely well-done, and I am happy they have received so many awards recently to affirm that fact.  Everything Cam does makes me laugh out loud!  He is both outrageous and supersensitive, and Eric Stonestreet plays the role perfectly.

3) George Costanza (Seinfeld) — This cast was collectively and individually amazing, and the series was completely original.  Nevertheless, George stands out with all his wacky quirkiness!


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