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My thanks for the week:

10. Great choreography weekend for Stinkerbell’s dance team

9. Beating a stubborn level on Candy Crush

8. Making edible cells with my biology students

7. Giving the SAT on Saturday

6. College football

5. My mom for helping chauffeur Stinkerbell

4. Insane developments on Sons of Anarchy

3. My awesome new iPhone 6

2. Working out at 9Round

1. Visiting with my special someone


Gratitude for this week:

10. Stinkerbell attending a big student council rally

9. Good lesson in my Sunday School class

8. Cooking for the youth group at our church

7. Challenging workouts

6. Fun get together with friends

5. Insane episode of Sons of Anarchy

4. Awesome twist on this week’s Hell On Wheels

3. Homecoming week at my school

2. Great wins for both of my teams

1. Talking to my special someone

Gratitude for the week …

10. Good rehearsal for Stinkerbell’s dance team

9. Productive week at school

8. Cozy gas logs

7. New levels in Candy Crush

6. Singing loudly in my car

5. Yummy dinner at Moe’s

4. Getting Christmas gifts wrapped & under the tree

3. Hilarious Duck Dynasty Christmas episode

2. Insane Sons of Anarchy season finale

1. Funny texts from my special someone

What I am grateful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell dancing in the Christmas parade

9. Good friends at work

8. Trout hatchlings at school

7. Stinkerbell’s youth group shopping for children in need

6. Advent Festival at our church

5. Crazy episode of Sons of Anarchy

4. Hilarious Christmas episode of Porter Ridge

3. Deep dish pizza

2. Movies that make me laugh

1. Auburn winning the SEC championship

This week’s gratitude:

10. Getting started on Stinkerbell’s Christmas list

9. Breaking out the jackets for cooler temperatures

8. Productive week at school

7. Fun Bible trivia game at church

6. All things pumpkin

5. Setting up for our Trout in the Classroom project

4. Crazy, crazy episode of Sons of Anarchy

3. Wonderful teacher appreciation banquet with one of my favorite students

2. Memories that make me smile

1. Incredible Auburn win over Georgia … War Eagle!

Thanks for the week …

10. Beta Club invitation for Stinkerbell

9. Successful family yard sale

8. Homemade apple butter

7. Wednesday night bible study group at church

6. Fellowship at the Veteran’s Day breakfast at church

5. Wonderful Veteran’s Day ceremony at my school

4. Quiet time to get work done

3. Jax on Sons of Anarchy

2. Laughing at new episodes of Porter Ridge

1. Reminiscing with my special someone

Gratitude for the week …

10. Stinkerbell getting to dance with over 70 girls in a production number

9. Good check-up with my doctor

8. Christmas music at church

7. Getting all my Christmas presents wrapped

6. Fun shopping with my mother

5. Pizza & beer with a good friend 

4. Duck Dynasty marathon to make me laugh

3. Awesome season finale of Sons of Anarchy

2. Great season premiere of Ax Men

1. Unexpected text messages that make me smile


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