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What I give thanks for this week:

10. Awesome choreography weekend for Stinkerbell’s dance team

9. Rodan+Fields payday

8. Good orthodontist checkup for Stinkerbell

7. Preparing for a new year in the classroom

6. Killer workouts with my trainer

5. Fantastic Club Cardio hip hop class

4. Opportunity for Stinkerbell to babysit

3. Fun team building activities in the mountains with my coworkers

2. Great schedule & teachers for Stinkerbell’s 8th grade year

1. Getting to help with Open House at the dance studio

My gratitude for this week:

10. Exciting new dance season for Stinkerbell

9. Getting back into my school groove

8. New leads for my Rodan+Fields business

7. Funny memes on Facebook

6. Catching up with my teacher friends

5. Watching movies on a lazy Saturday

4. Spending time with my parents

3. Great workouts with my trainer

2. Getting back into prepping my meals

1. Visits with my special someone

The week’s thanks:

10. Stinkerbell working hard at the dance studio

9. Stinkerbell’s dance teachers

8. Good check-up for my thyroid

7. Special assembly for our students

6. My work friends

5. 3-day weekend

4. Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey

3. Loads of new recipes to try

2. Progress with the fitness challenge at 9Round

1. Laughing at my special someone

What I give thanks for this week:

10. Stinkerbell getting to go to the beach

9. Moving Stinkerbell into her new bedroom

8. My iTunes library

7. Seeing colleagues at a teaching workshop

6. Helping with registration at my school

5. Setting up my classroom for the new year

4. Parent meeting for a new year of dance

3. My mother’s homemade meatballs

2. Great new season of Hell On Wheels

1. Seeing my special someone


For the past four days, I have been extremely busy unpacking and setting up my new classroom in our fabulous new school!  This will be my fourth year teaching high school science, and I would like to show you just how far I have come.

My first two years, I was what is known as a “floater”.  In other words, I had no classroom of my own to call home.  Consequently, I was forced to push a lovely cart from room to room all over the building to teach my classes each and every day.  Needless to say, this was not an ideal situation.  I did, however, have a small desk in what was known as the “floater office”.  I shared this office with three other teachers, and this is what it looked like:







My third year, I thought I had hit the jackpot because I was given a classroom to call my own!  It was not a science classroom, but I did not care because I would have a home and could give up the dreaded cart.  This is what my shabby, little classroom looked like:






Now, we are all fortunate enough to be moving into a brand new building that has the most awesome technology available.  It is a beautiful facility, and we have gorgeous views of the mountains.  All of the furniture is new, and I can not describe how thrilled I am to be a part of this milestone for our community.  This is what my fancy, new classroom looks like so far:














This is going to be a GREAT year!

Matt Damon is my new hero!  Check this out …

Matt Damon stands up for teachers, slams reporter, all while bald Just in case repeat viewings of The Bourne Identity on TNT didn’t remind you at least once a week: Matt Damon is one serious bad-ass who is not to be messed with. Because if you do (particularly if you happen to be a reporter armed with a politically provoking question), he will bring the pain. Case in point: Over the weekend, Damon — who has recently gone bald for his role in the upcoming Neill Blomkamp film Elysium — attended the 2011 Save Ou … Read More

via PopWatch

You can also find the speech Matt Damon made at the “Save Our Schools” march in Washington here.


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