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Things to be grateful for …

10. Lovely new costumes for Stinkerbell’s dance team

9. Helping at the dance studio

8. Nice dinner & conversation with friends

7. Valentine cookies

6. Saturday with no alarm clock

5. Finally beating level 165 in Candy Crush!

4. Crazy twists on The Following

3. Interesting developments on Dowton Abbey

2. The Olympics

1. My special someone

What I am grateful for this week …

10. Awesome Winter Show for Stinkerbell’s dance studio

9. Getting all of Stinkerbell’s costumes & accessories ready

8. My fellow dance moms for all their support

7. Short work week

6. New season of Southland

5. New season of Swamp People

4. Discovering a new show called The Americans

3. Registration at school

2. Sweet text messages on Valentine’s Day

1. Spending time with my special someone

Thankfulness for this week …

10. Beautiful flowers from my special someone on Valentine’s Day

9. Stinkerbell learning a new solo for dance

8. Mexican food

7. Getting my taxes done

6. Knowing I’m getting a refund to help with home improvements

5. Memorial service for a special great-aunt

4. Dinner with my parents

3. Shelby on Ax Men

2. Taking the day off from work

1. My special someone playing his guitar & singing for me

Things I am thankful for this week:

10. Stinkerbell’s school getting to dance at half-time during a Lady Tigers basketball game

9. The new season of The Voice

8. Pretty new dance costumes for Stinkerbell

7. My biology students being excited to learn genetics

6. Chocolate Creme Oreos

5. Attending “Muffins for Moms” at Stinkerbell’s school

4. Seeing my favorite twins at church

3. Friends at work who make me laugh every day

2. Taking care of my special someone while he was sick

1. Making Valentine treats for friends and family


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